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Download Valorant Beta, How to Get Valorant Beta Key in Any Region- Mr.Ghost Gaming

How to Get Valorant Beta Key And Play From Any Region

Valorant closed Beta is available only in some regions for now. This is the First Beta so they have limited the regions of their first beta. It's Available in these regions-  Europe, Canada, United States, Turkey, Russia, and CIS countries. If you belong to these regions than you can just make an account and get the key by watching valorant stream on twitch. However, nobody can guarantee how many hours of watching you will get the key.
Those people who don't belong to these regions can also get the key easily but with this simple process-

First Open Valorant Page and create an account if its available in your region. If not then use VPN to create an account. You can use SetupVpn Extension in google chrome browser. Its Lifetime free and it will change the IP of your browser only not your whole system. So its the best VPN you can use for this method. 
Open the VPN page and add the Setup VPN extension. 
Now create an account and connect to any country in which this beta is available. 
I am from India and I am using Europe region. Because in Eu server i will get low ping then Na Server.
Connect to that region and open the valorant beta page. Now Create a valorant account. 
After that using the same VPN and same region in the VPN create a twitch account.
Now click on the link accounts-

Connect your Riot games with twitch. 
Now click on Watch and watch any valorant stream for continuous 2 hours minimum.
Make sure your VPN is connected to the same region while you are watching the stream.
You can set the stream quality to 160p and leave it. Don't mute the stream sound, instead, you can mute the page sound. Right-click on the page and click on mute the site in chrome. Or you can mute your chrome sound in windows sound settings. Both are easy processes but don't mute the stream otherwise it will not count.

You can leave the stream on and minimize the page, do your work, play a game, etc because the VPN will change the IP of that specific browser only.

Now click on this link to verify your valorant account and check your account status, account region-

Put your valorant id and password and login. There you will get an option to verify your account.
verify your account and keep the stream on.

After watching 2 hours you will be eligible for the beta key. The more you watch the more chance of getting the key.
So whenever you start your PC open the browser and connect the VPN to the same region, set the quality to 160p and keep it on, do your work. Most people got the key after 40+ hour.

You can get the key even if you are offline and not watching the stream after you are eligible.
You will get a mail and notification in the twitch notification tab.

It Looks like this- 

You can check this video also for better understanding with full tutorial-

That's all for now. I hope it helps.
Stay tuned for more info and Updates.
Stay Home, Stay Safe, Play Games.


  1. I don't have to use vpn for downloading the game right ?

    Can i change to diff region if im getting high ping in the current region ?

    Thanks for ur help.


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