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PUBG MOBILE Update 0.17.0 Release Date and New Features,Full Patch Note


Pubg Mobile new update 0.17.0 Beta is out and here's what i got and noticed in the beta.
All the new features in Update 0.17.0.
They Didn't added Erangel 2.0 but this one is a huge update with lots of changes and lot of new features.

All the new Features all the major features that is available in Chinese version is now added in Global version too.
Except the Parachute thing and Canted Sight. All the Major Changes that is available in Chinese Version is now added in Global.

Download the Beta 0.17.0- Android/ios - Click here to Download

Here all the new Feature in Pubg Mobile Update 0.17.0

1. Death Cam (Replay)- Death Cam feature is finally added in Pubg Mobile. You have to enable it in Game Settings. Go to basic settings and u will get it there.
Death cam will help you see if you were killed by a hacker or legit player. It will help you see what mistake u made and how u died.
Very cool feature but its available to some devices only not all. Only Some high end devices can handle death cam feature. so if you can't find the death replay option in your game settings than it is not available for your device than.
The Death cam is available only in Classic and Arcade mode.

2. New AirDrop gun DBS - DBS is airdrop only gun. Its a double-barreled pump-action Shotgun which uses 12-gauge shotgun ammo. You can use Red Dot, Holo, 2x or 6x also in this gun. The damage is very high but Maximum effective range is 100m. Magazine size is 14.

3. UZI PRO- Now you can use Red Dot and Holo in Uzi. The red dot or holo will make it more accurate. It will be op with red Dot.

4. Tactical Map marker- Tactical map marker added in this update. Where you can mark for vehicle, enemies, loot and much more. You have to enable it in Game Settings. You can mark attack, Defence, you need ammo, u need health etc etc.
Very cool feature to make a strategy to attack or defence.

5. Color Blind Mode- Color Blind Mode added.

6. Winter Mode- Winter Mode added where you have to survive the storm by lighting fire and eating animal & chicken in game. You will see chicken and other animal in this mode, u can kill them and collect their meat to survive during the storm. 

Drone & Skateboard is also available in this mode.

7. Arcade games in Erangel- Arcade games added in some locations in Erangel. Some mini games added Near school and some other places in erangel. In the waiting lobby also.

8. Graphic Change- Erangel Graphics improved. Haven't Played in other Maps yet.

9. New Character Carlo- New Character Carlo is added. Voice chat is available now in beta. It will be Like Sara.

10. Uaz & Dacia New Model- Dacia & UAZ Model Changed. It Changed to the model which is available in Erangel 2.0 in PC Steam version.

11. Grenade Effect added- New Grenade Effect added Like Chinese version.

Release date

Update 0.17.0 expected Release date is 12th February.
They might take the server offline for this update because there are so many new things coming in this update.
The update is big this time so it might go for maintenance on 11th February.

The Date Now Extended Due to Corona Virus Most Probably And The New Release date is 3rd March.

Here Full info- Official Release Date

However they haven't officially Announced any release date yet. The date i mentioned here is from a reliable source. So yeah u can expect the update on 12th February.
No info on the update size yet.

Will keep keep you guys updated as soon as i get any more info on update.

Thats all for now. Hope you guys got all the info about the update.
Please comment below which feature you like the most in this update.

Full Video with All New Features and Death Cam First look-

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  1. The deathcam is good but i thought about canted sight really wanted it.

    1. yeah death cam is a really good feature they have added.

    2. Canted sight and a new air drop sniper rifle will be added in 0.17.5 update

  2. So there is a chance of getting erangle 2.0 with 0.17.5 😤. Its now almost a year after pc update

  3. Waiting for a new map and a new AR, DMR or sniper

  4. How will the previous skins for UAZ and Dacia apply in these new models

  5. first people laughed at me about DeathCam see now. deathcam update boiii

  6. You have given wrong update release date

  7. True Pubg player watch must:


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