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Pubg Mobile Season 15 Royale Pass Rewards and Tier Rewards- Mr.Ghost Gaming

Season 15 Royale Pass & Tier Rewards

Pubg Mobile Season 15 Royale Pass leaks. Season 15 Tier Rewards first look and all rewards. Erangel 2.0 beta is out with the beta version 1.0. If you haven't played here's the Download link of Erangel 2.0 beta. Download and give it a try.
Erangel 2.0 Beta Download link- Erangel 2.0 beta
Here Season 15 Tier Rewards- 

Here Season 15 Royale Pass Rewards and Upcoming Upgradable skins-

The Royale Pass Rewards found in game files, we are not confirmed yet which one will be in Royale Pass or Crate. give us some days we will give you confirm info on that.

That's all for now. For info and Confirmed Leaks soon.
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Download Erangel 2.0 Beta apk, Patch Note of Pubg Mobile Update 1.0- Mr.Ghost Gaming

Erangel 2.0 Beta Starts Today

Pubg Mobile Erangel 2.0 beta is here and the servers will open today. So many new things coming with this update and the major change is Erangel 2.0. We might also get Payload mode 2.0 in this update.
Here Patch note of the Update 1.0-Erangel 2.0:1. Upgraded graphics 2. Building adjustments 3.Adjustments to large resource points: Mylta Power/Quarry/Prison/Other Play Zone 4. New map elements: Added trenches, wooden barricades, abandoned tanks... 5.Building structure changes
Livik Improvements:1. New Weapon: M1014 2. Art and Graphics Improvements 3. Stage Balancing 4. Bug Fixes
Cheer Park:1.Training Ground 2.0 2.Cheer Park Showdowns 3. Island in the Lake at Cheer Park
System Improvements:1.UI 2.0
More info on the other changes coming soon along with Erangel 2.0 gameplay.
Here's the Download link of the Erangel 2.0 Beta- Download Erangel 2.0 Beta

Well, that's all for now. Stay tuned for more.

Download Pubg Mobile Erangel 2.0 Beta apk Android and ios, Beta 1.0- Mr.Ghost Gaming

Erangel 2.0 Beta Download Link

Erangel 2.0 beta is finally here. The servers will open tomorrow but you can download the beta now.
Introducing Erangel 2.0:
Erangel, the heart of PUBG MOBILE, is a fictional island in the black sea abandoned near Russia where a military occupation was controlling it. The military occupation tested chemical/biological experiments on the local populace. After a resistance attack on a biological facility, the island had to be abandoned.
Here checkout the Full Story of Erangel 2.0- Erangel 2.0 Full Story

You can download the beta here ANDROID- Ios Beta
Share with your friends and comment below if you are excited about the Erangel 2.0.

Valorant Act 2 Battle Pass all Skins, Patch 1.05- Mr.Ghost Gaming

Act 2 Battle Pass All skins, Update Size

Valorant 1.05 Patch is coming today. The update size is 1.3gb. Some new codes also found in this patch regarding Remake. You can vote for remake if any player in your team gets disconnected or afk than you can vote for remake. If all 5 players are there than you can't vote for remake. You can vote after 2 rounds and you can vote only once per game.
Here Act 2 Battle Pass skins-

Here banners-

Weekly missions in act 2- 
Week 1 :
- Deal 25000 damages (5 000 xp)
- Play 10 games (6 200 xp)
- Use 200 abilities (5 000 xp)

Week 2 :
- Team Defuse/Plant 30 bombs (6 750 xp)
- Get 45 headshots (6 750 xp)
- Use 50 ultimates (6 750 xp)

Week 3 :
- Kill 100 enemies (10 000 xp)
- Play 150 rounds (10 000 xp)
- Purchase 200 items (8 350 xp)

Week 4 :
- Use 200 abilities (12 000 xp)
- Deal 25000 damages (12 450 xp)
- Use 50 ultimates (12 000 xp)

Week 5 :
- Team Defuse/Plant 30 bombs (11 500 xp)
- Kill 100 enemies (13 500 xp)
- Play 10 games (15 500 xp) That's a…

Valorant FFA DeathMatch Mode on 5th August,ACT 2 Battle Pass Skins- Mr.Ghost Gaming

Act 2 Battle Pass & FFA DeathMatch All Info

Finally, the Deathmatch mode is here. There will be an FFA Deathmatch mode on August 5.
Free-for-all Deathmatch is the new game mode that debuts during Act II and gives dedicated gunslingers a chance to test their flicks. Team deathmatch is going to launch in a BETA test window a day after the patch on August 5, as we monitor server performance and game stability. If we find things are stable and performative, we'll eventually leave the game mode on! - Valorant Dev. 
The FFA Game Mode Details- It will be available on 5th AugustIt will be 10 Player Lobby and the match will last for 6 Minutes. Kill Target is 30. If you manage to get 30 kills before 6 minutes then you will win or the player with most kills under 6 minutes will win the match.There will be no ability in this mode. you can't buy or use abilitiesYou will have infinite moneyEvery player will spawn with Heavy ShieldYou can use any gun you want and you can also change it at a…